Safest Online Poker Sites for US Players

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Many players new to online poker are concerned about how safe it is. Of course, this is a completely valid concern considering the amount of fraudulent activity and scams currently taking place on the internet. This article will discuss various factors that contribute to the level of safety experienced by the play when playing online poker.

Understanding Online Poker Licensing

All online gambling establishments have to be licensed by the relevant authorities if they wish to operate legally. Players should only true online poker rooms that are fully licensed. The poker room or casino will have to obtain a poker license from the authorities in the country in which their servers are located. The local authorities would then be responsible for regulating the establishment and making sure that everything is done in a lawful and fair way.

The very first local governments to offer these online gambling licences were those of Antigua & Barbuda, Vanuatu and St Kitts. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Australian Gaming Commission are some of the most trusted governing bodies around today.

One of the main reasons why local governments decide to create a gaming commission and issue licences to legitimate online gambling establishments would be because it boosts their economy. Online gaming companies and poker rooms have to pay as much as one hundred thousand US dollars in fees in order to receive an online poker license. After this initial payment, the gaming company has to continue paying taxes and meeting certain criteria in order to keep their license.

Play At Reputable Online Poker Rooms

When looking for an online poker room at which to play, players are encouraged to look for the poker room’s poker license first. These licenses should be located on the website and the link to the license will usually be displayed as a logo on the screen.

Players should also consider the age of the particular online poker room. It is generally accepted that it is safer to player at poker rooms that are older and more established. Make sure that you research the site’s reputation as well though. If there are many negative reviews then it would be wise to move on and find a different online poker room to play at.

Working With Your Money Online

While many online casinos and pokers have all the necessary licensing and security measures in place, there is always a bit of risk involved when divulging your personal financial information online. Players who wish to be extra cautious should sign up with a trusted e-wallet such as Moneybookers and only play at online gambling establishments that support this banking method.

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