The Sports Betting Industry Saw an Increase in Bets as a Result of the Super Bowl 

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It has been over a year and a half since the United States Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This meant that the legality of sports betting on a local level is now up to each state in the United States. 

Currently, twenty states have passed legislation making it legal for casinos and bookmakers to offer sports betting to their residents; however, not all of these states have begun to offer the service. Some of the states that have already reaped the financial benefits of legalized gambling include Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, Oregon, and New York. 

Over the last year, more jurisdictions have legalized and begun offering sports betting. As a result, it was expected that this year’s Super Bowl would bring in more money than the previous year. The betting industry anticipates that 26 million people will place bets on the Super Bowl, according to CNBC projections. 

According to a report also published by CNBC, the total amount wagered on the first game of the Super Bowl was expected to be $6.8 billion US dollars. 

The Super Bowl will be broadcast in more than 130 countries, allowing viewers to tune in from anywhere in the world

The vast majority of viewers are from the United States of America, but the game is popular in less populous countries such as Norway. If you live in Scandinavia or Norway, you can place bets on the outcomes of these events. The act of placing a wager instantly raises the level of excitement associated with watching the game. Some people in places like Scandinavia are interested in whether or not bets can be placed on the outcomes of these events. 

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Kendall Fuller (29), who was playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, intercepted a pass intended for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium on February 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA (19). Mark J. Rebilas must be given credit. -From USA TODAY Sports 

If you live in Norway, go to; your input will be used to determine which online bookies currently offer the best odds. provides information about the current Norwegian betting sites on the market. If you go to the website, you will discover that there are a large number of online gambling establishments located in less populated areas of the world that are willing to accept Super Bowl wagers. 

The season began on the first Sunday of the season, with a game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. It was the first game of the season. With final scoreboard totals of 31-20, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious. 

The industry was taken aback by the large number of people who bet on the first game, now that the revenue reports have been submitted. The reports were not turned in until Monday evening, but it was discovered that the state of New Jersey alone had wagered a total of 52.4 million US dollars. 

This is a significant increase from the previous year’s total of 34.8 million US dollars earned by New Jersey from the first Super Bowl game. Despite the significant increase in wagers, the 10 retail bookies in New Jersey and the 19 mobile and online bookies lost approximately 4.28 million US dollars, corresponding to a negative hold percentage of 7.8. 

Caesars Entertainment’s regional president, who oversees the casinos in Atlantic City, reported that the sports books at both Bally’s and Harrah’s were extremely busy. “We far outperformed our expectations,” said Ron Baumann, one of the team’s members. Every available seat, as well as every available inch of seating, was purchased. 

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The report, which has been arriving since Monday evening, is still incomplete. This is because Nevada has yet to submit their revenue reports. This is because one of its licenses encountered a technical difficulty during the data compilation process. 

It is worth noting that the sports betting industry in Nevada earned a total of 146 million US dollars from Super Bowl wagers the previous year. The wagers placed by this state in 2018 resulted in a loss of nearly ten million US dollars, even though the state made 158 million US dollars overall. 

Meanwhile, Rhode Island showed less interest in betting on the game because the New England Patriots were not selected to play in the Super Bowl this year. This is evident when one considers the state’s declining revenue. This year, the state wagered 5.5 million dollars in US currency. This represents only 84% of the 6.5 million US dollars wagered the previous year. 

New Hampshire is relatively new to this topic, as the state did not begin accepting bets until December 30th of the previous year. New Hampshire gamblers wagered more than 2.3 million dollars on the first Super Bowl game. 

Charlie McIntire, executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery, expressed the committee’s satisfaction with how things turned out in the state. “We are extremely pleased with the results of our first Super Bowl and our first month of sports betting overall,” he said, “and we look forward to building on this success as we engage more and more players.” The month of February was the first for sports betting. 

In Mississippi, the total amount wagered was 6.7 million US dollars, while the amount won in Delaware was 2.1 million US dollars. The total amount wagered in Oregon was approximately USD 2 million. Pennsylvania, like Nevada, has not disclosed how much money was wagered in the state on the Super Bowl.

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